Friday, October 10, 2008

If you need to visit a place which offers thrill, sensation, adventure and trekking then Ullakaarvi falls would be the apt place for that.

Ullakarvi falls is around 25kms from Nagerkovil(Tamil nadu). You need to trek around one hour to reach the sensational spot.
How to reach there:
Nagerkovil is around 20 kms from Kanyakumari. It’s better to hire a private travels as there is no proper transport from Nagerkovil to Ullakkarvi. Most of the private travels are aware about this spot.

Things that need to be carried:
Make sure that you were loose dress as you need to trek for around 2 kms. It would be fine if you carry along with you water bottle, Glucose in addition to the eatables. Don’t attempt to walk on bare foot.

Lower falls:
When you walk for 2 kms u will reach a scenic spot. You can take bath and relax for an hour. You will feel cool and the water available is very tasty and consumable.

Higher falls:
To reach here you need to climb around 200 meters and this feat is highly recommended only for swimmers.

The trip would be enjoyable if the team size is at least 10.Consuming Liquor is not recommended.
I have a small request from my side .Kindly make sure you don’t throw polythene bags and bottles there. It’s our duty to preserve these spots.